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Creative Team Publishing (CTP) is a division of Creative Team Resources Group, Inc. (CTRG).  CTP was formed in 2007 to accommodate publication and distribution of business development, leadership training, and poetry books, as well as books of inspiration, insight, human achievement, and positive general interest.


Our commitment is to make high quality literature and engage in excellence throughout the process of publication.  Customer satisfaction is a top priority. Because CTP practices due diligence in selecting which books it will publish, CTP chooses to work with customers who meet a qualified standard of literary competence and uplifting content.

Living the Legacy Today in the Lives of the Family Tomorrow!


The Legacy Series publishes the stories of a family—your family—those special stories that must be told and retold for generations to come.


For those who want to know and remember their ancestry, and for those yet unborn who will desire to know the people and stories of today, the Legacy Series captures the times, events, tales, and lessons—remembrances you treasure that future generations will recall.

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